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The output from all the example programs from PyMOTW has been generated with Python 2.7.8, unless otherwise noted. SocketServer – Creating network servers.

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If you are using an earlier version of Python, you can pass multiple arguments via this workaround. is the home of Game Show Network online. Play your favorite GSN games like BINGO online, plus other free Web games and online Flash games.Remember to write your core logic in C and call it via ctypes to really take advantage of Python threading.Offers a complete history of the Revolution Poker Network including which poker sites are on. The Cake Poker Network was sold to Lock Poker in May of 2012.

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(9 replies) I'd like to do file locking over NFS without using lockd. The reason I want to avoid using lockd is because many lockd implementations are too buggy. It...For those unfamiliar, map is something lifted from functional languages like Lisp.

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This is the best answer for actually doing something useful and taking advantage of multiple CPU cores.Like others mentioned, CPython can use threads only for I\O waits due to GIL.

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I found this very useful: create as many threads as cores and let them execute a (large) number of tasks (in this case, calling a shell program).

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Python-poker-network alternative installation on Ubuntu 14.04.1 (and 14.04.2) LTS Raw. # Tried this on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu 14.04.1 (and a dist-.Texas Holdem Poker, Australian online poker resource. Latest Australian poker news, poker games and poker freerolls. Exclusive bonuses and PokerStars Bonus Code.I used lock for prevent to access other thread until previous threads finished their work.

Sockets are used nearly everywhere, but are one of the most severely misunderstood technologies around. This is a 10,000 foot overview of sockets. It’s.Thread Synchronization Mechanisms in Python. a lock can be held by a single thread,. such as a network connection or a database server. Poker Hand Evaluator. Poker hand evaluator using the Two Plus Two alogorithm and lookup table. The lookup table HandRanks.dat is included in the module.The blocking and timeout modes are shared between file descriptors and socket objects that refer to the same network. own regardless of any Python socket.

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linux_huawei_unlocker - A utility to remove the SIM lock on Huawei USB modems.Other versions of "python-poker-network" in Precise No other version of this package is available in the Precise release. Changelog.