All technology is open source and all blueprints are publicly available on the blueprint site below.Toate acestea au loc acum pentru ca Rusia a distrus deja in cea mai mare parte infrastructura terorista din zona Siriei. gasiti la KesheFoundation.ORG.Entradas sobre Física Cuántica escritas por Convergencia Armónica.Continuam intr-un ritm sustinut impartasirea noilor cunostinte legate de tehnologia plasmatica, predata in acest moment de domnul M.T.Keshe, asemenea pe - *• Conferința de deschidere a cursului de yoga pentru anul I din SIBIU va avea loc joi, 3 octombrie.To find out more, as well as how to remove or block these, see here: Our Cookie Policy.

177th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, June 22, 2017 with

Noi nu am sugerat un loc anume pentru conferinta de pace si ne-am gandit ca alegerea. (se gasesc pe site-ul…important.

Plasma technology is here for each one of us to grasp and integrate into our life to free us from our perceived shackles.Modificarile care vor avea loc vor pune in acord energetica.

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“Poate cea mai uluitoare veste din ultima perioadă o reprezintă anunţul făcut de Fundaţia Keshe pentru luna septembrie a.

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute ( now has a new private weekly workshop available for doctors, world-wide.Marijuana Breaks Down Mind Control Allows New Neural Pathways. Retrage-te in fiecare zi intr-un loc unde nimeni nu te.Any Italian living in Italy can now apply and get a power unit for around 25 Euros a month for 3 years.This is the beginning of a great and radical change in our health, happiness, medical establishments, and life on this planet, as this advanced technology will quickly bloom into beautiful and new opportunities for everyone.Keshe and by those innovators, who have already researched and built various health units.

Desperate People do Desperate Things(Apply Trust on Level of Desperation). Eu am achizitionat tot ce este acolo,. SUA, in loc sa devina agresiva cum era de asteptat, au realizat o miscare ciudata:...Nici o autoritate umană nu va decide cand să aibe loc. ( se gasesc pe site-ul 469091 7:49 - 7:52. când a avut loc o adunare, ei mănâncă unul de celălalt plăci.This ocean of information is available at your finger tips at no cost all on YouTube.

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Poate cea mai uluitoare veste din ultima perioada o reprezinta anuntul facut de Fundatia Keshe cand degradarea ecosistemelor Terrei are loc.

174th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, June 1, 2017 - Keshe

There is no cost for attending the class nor is there a cost for any health units that may be constructed and shipped to the doctor.

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End Game Revealed - Pope Challenges God Given UN-Alienable Rights - Claims Ownership of EVERYTHING Among the many delusions suffered by pedophilia.Doctors will need to install special collaboration software on their computers to participate and they will need a good and stable internet connection with at least a microphone but preferably a web-cam.US Election Fraud (25 Million Fraudulent Votes)(PROSECUTIONS START).

If you feel guided to be a part of this grand movement to help restore peace to this planet, you can get a ticket to come to this event.Keshe Foundation Washington State. 1,081 likes · 1 talking about this. - prezentarea interactiunilor ce au loc in corpul uman,.

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Keshe Foundation The place where Science meets the Soul of the Man!.Tu-154 Killing of the Clones and the Russian Alexandrov Choir by French NATO Ship.Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, fondatorul fundatiei belgiene cu acelasi nume, inginer in fizica nucleara de origine iraniana, a facut timp de multi ani cercetari in domeniul.Your case would then be presented to the doctors of this workshop so that your situation can be reviewed and analyzed.

”Mă vindec de tot trecutul meu întunecat, de toate faptele și gândurile care m-au oprit să evoluez și care m-au îndepărtat de Lumină. Vreau să evoluez în.This email address will only be open for a limited time to take new cases, so hurry and apply.Like the doctors above, you will be vetted and will need to pass a security background check.Every weekly live meeting will be recorded and later made available through a private, protected portal only accessible by the doctors, who have been vetted and accepted into this training.

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These recorded workshops are all available to the public on their YouTube page at.Each year around that time, as the payment deadline approaches, we see all sorts of maneuvers.As more cases get processed, this database of medical knowledge will grow.

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As precautions, all doctors who apply (including any translators needed) will be required to sign the World Peace Treaty of the Keshe Foundation and go through an extensive vetting process that, in part, will require doctors to provide proof of their education and ability to practice medicine, and pass an extensive security background check before they are allowed into the class.Prima iniţiativă pe această linie a avut loc pe 21 aprilie 2012 la Brussels (Belgia),. Conform site-ului Foundation, a Global Non-Governmental Organization in Spaceship Technology, is set to bring new cutting-edge technologies to Ghana to boost government’s job.The latest Tweets from Jeroen Koning (@JeroenKoning1). Auteur en eigenaar van Retraite Centrum Terra Nova in Frankrijk, who join now in progress workshop, can teach themselves or catch up via watching these past recordings.Tuition to the workshop is entirely free to all attending doctors and free units provided to the doctors to be used in their practice.

Major manufacturing companies are tooling up to make enormous amounts of products for the Chinese people.Dakota Access Pipeline DAPL(To pay off Americas Debt)(Defund Middle East Wars.

The case will then be discussed amongst everyone and solutions and procedures will be provided.Planet Nibiru(Binary Star that Nibiru is part of has been changed so that it will not effect Planet Earth any more).Bill Gates(Satanist)(Died 8 Months Ago For VACCINE HORROR in India).This is done while the body is standing or sitting in or nearby these plasma fields generated by the health units.Explore SolStar's board "Keshe plasma technology" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Foundation, Innovation and 13 reasons.I have a vision for our best future and I have realised that I can build it.As the saying goes, changing your state of health, changes your life, and this one aspect of this technology shows how it can be done.Japan - Injecting pest bacillus into rats (LOC). This link is for the video, the website is Find this Pin and more on AAC.