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Most of the controversies over nuclear power, pesticides, and asbestos (to cite but a few examples) focus on the possibility of harm to humans and the environment, the issue of who might be harmed and how much, the matter of responsibility, and the relative merits of various steps to alleviate the risks.Primarily, I think there will be resistance to including Persondata within other templates.We should, however, notice several trends that go beyond the straightforward execution of regulatory mandates.Group: 'alt.binaries.hdtv.german'. usenet-4all - [password] - [01/44. Fuer.Immer.Vielleicht.2014.TS.AC3LD.German.XviD-LoC.nzb" yEnc details,.

Frequently Asked Questions. This document is a source of information for readers of the Usenet news group uk. A couple of people have also recommended Uni-Loc,.By default a new generic biography infobox would be created, using just the PData.

Show how the model can be manipulated into the form of the standard 2nd order transfer function in terms of time constant and damping ratio.Besides, high-level bodies will always be limited to handling only a few contentious issues at a time.Of course, consensus is also rare, even within relatively closed circles of experts.) From what do these differences of opinion stem.So were the disruption and unpredictability caused by the lack of defensible priorities.

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internet message access protocol - version 4rev2. 2016 internet message access protocol - version 4rev2 draft-melnikov. a003 fetch 4 all.Same thing here, I see the persondata table and I never modified my stylesheet.CSS is a more recent invention and is not supported by many of the standard applications for older platforms.Prior to that he held policy, research, and teaching positions at Stanford University, Harvard, the U.S. State Department, and the National Academy of Sciences.If you look at MediaWiki:Common.css, you can see that the persondata class and the metadata class are identical, so they should work the same.Usually, the current name of a famous person is more widely known to the public than their birth name.Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Featured log/March 2007 The following is. Also, just found a reference to a Usenet post, not a reliable source:.

Ideally, other languages will also have persondata sections for each article, so the respective versions can be gleaned from those other languages.If we had not established the hurricane warning network and the national air traffic control system, we would not have to argue about their budgets.

With a few well-defined projects, for which goals and constraints are agreed upon by the major affected parties, for which health and environmental risks, costs and benefits are well known and understood (not only in magnitude but in social distribution, over both the near and long term), risk-benefit accounting has proven itself useful.How should we enter the name of people known principally by their title e.g. Louis II, Duke of Bavaria.It can count a whatlinkshere for you. - Splash talk 03:50, 10 January 2006 (UTC).A table summary could be switched on and off using CSS or javascript, and is always accessible to screen readers.Loc: Canada Last seen: 6 years,. for the creation of the world-wide unmoderated Usenet newsgroup alt.drugs.mushrooms. ( 1 2 3 4 all) dumbfounded1600: 37,882: 60.Who needs this book? The audience for the original training course was assumed to be computer-literate and composed of professional.There are numerous specialized Infoboxes for people that would make universal use of Infobox Person untenable as it would lead to redundant article content.If it does happen, this kind of meta-metadata would make the results much more useful, rather than having a string of 20 or 30 names and having no way of knowing where they come from, what they represent, or whether they are real or bogus. — Michael.

Starting with gcc-3.4, all extension allocators are standard style. this has been done many times; check the mailing lists, Usenet, Boost, etc)...Then, when it is time to remove the metadata class (if that is indeed what we want to do) it can be done without breaking any user stylesheets that switch to persondata.You should first try if parsing taxoboxes is possible instead of parsing biodata templates. -- Nichtich 10:46, 5 January 2006 (UTC).My conclusion is that the lack of applications that use the data is a more severe failure than the small number of people that have been tagged.OSHA has tried to do this with occupational carcinogens, as has EPA with chemicals regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

If anything, it seems to be that flourished dates would be completely subjective and often based on original research.The German page has a small section devoted to instructions for each data field, so I think it would be fitting for us to do the same (perhaps taking guidance from the German instructions if anyone knows German).Usenet - 4all. 1. Inhalt des Onlineangebotes Der Autor übernimmt keinerlei Gewähr für die Aktualität, Korrektheit, Vollständigkeit oder Qualität der.If more useful applications (e.g. a people search index at Answers.com) existed, I think more biographies would get tagged pretty soon.Learning Activities You will be asked to write a review of a labor-themed film.

I did not mean to imply that disabled users were the only ones that are affected, but in some cases they will be the ones who have to overcome the most difficulties in navigating web pages, and it is for them that these accessibility issues are most important.Usually, extraneous text and HTML is more of a burden on people who already have a hard time just reading web pages. — Michael.A related complaint is that we are afflicted with excessive government intervention, often of a naive, or trifling or nay saying sort.